Biometrics and Security

Dr. Meryem Erbilek | Cyprus International University


Biometric systems deal with the problem of determining or authenticating the identity of individuals based on measurements of their physiological or behavioural characteristics. However, these characteristics are likely to change with the natural ageing process (passage of time) and, as a result, developing biometric applications for long-term use becomes a particularly challenging task. In this talk, I will describe studies to explore physical ageing issues of particular importance in iris and signature biometric systems, in order to provide a positive influence on the design, deployment and management of ageing issues in future biometric systems. In addition, these characteristics also provide important information related to the individuals such as gender, age and mental status (i.e. soft-biometrics). Estimating the soft-biometrics of an individual is an important factor in many applications of increasing concern in modern society, such as, for example, in forensic medicine, in the support of criminal investigations, for human-computer interaction, networking and security applications. Hence, I will also describe studies to explore soft-biometric prediction with respect to iris, signature and handwriting biometrics.


Dr. Meryem Erbilek received the Ph.D. degree in electronic engineering from the University of Kent, UK, in 2013. She is currently an Assistant Professor at Computer Engineering Department, Cyprus International University, Cyprus. Her research interests include computer vision, pattern recognition, image analysis, image processing, biometric systems (especially for iris, signature and handwriting biometrics).